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Trendy Keukenhof

trendy Keukenhof

The park for everyone

Trendy Keukenhof. Nowadays it’s a modern park with a good atmosphere for all ages. More young people are enjoying the beautiful flower park now.
Groups of girlfriends or young men, young couples without or with children. It’s fun! Taking selfies and walk through the beautiful areas with so many different flowers. There are so many things to see & to do. Also for the kids there is enough excitement and pleasure.

Now & Then

Many years ago, when you said: “I am going to the Keukenhof”, some people thought about the Keukenhof as a dull place with too many tourists and old people walking along the flowers.
Now you can say: It’s fun (also for young people)!
The park Keukenhof has grown with our (this) time.

In the past people were making more photos from the flowers.
Nowadays visitors want more photos of themself & the flowers.
So they build more paths & places to do that!

There is in the park also more space for fashion, art & design.
There are more new & different flowers every year.
They build more things for kids.
It’s a cool & trendy place to go!

trendy Keukenhof

Team with 2 Professional Photographers.
Casual photo session between flowers with spontaneous moments!
A photo shoot is possible between 8:00 AM and 7:30 PM
See when we are AVAILABLE in our AGENDA.