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2 Professional Photographers

Photoshoot Amsterdam
Fun & Beautiful Photos
Family Shoot

Along the canals of Amsterdam

Family Shoot
Enjoy on your holiday
Family Shoot

Photographer vacation Amsterdam

Relaxed & Professional
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Professional Photoshoot Amsterdam

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An exclusive souvenir to take back home!

Professional photoshoot Amsterdam for tourists is fun & relaxed.
A good opportunity to get beautiful photos of you around the streets and canals of Amsterdam.

Photographer Amsterdam tourist

Enjoy the city of Amsterdam in a different way.

Professional photoshoot Amsterdam is a nice way to explore the town. Amsterdam is a wonderful city with lot of nice things to see and to do. What about a relaxed photo session with great photos?
We can show you nice areas for great pictures.
There are plenty of nice streets with old houses, bridges, bicycles, canals & cozy shops.
Another wonderful place is the big park in the centre: the Vondelpark.

Hire a local photographer for a photo session Amsterdam.

Book a photoshoot in Amsterdam and have nice memories & valuable pictures back home.

professional photoshoot Amsterdam

A Photoshoot for everybody

When you are visiting Amsterdam we can make beautiful photos of you with your partner or with your family.
Maybe you want just photos as a couple in the streets. But we can also make pictures with a big family.
The city gives a good background for a pre-wedding shoot, proposal, loveshoot, ring exchange and a child- or family portrait.
We make professional photos in a relaxed atmosphere & nice surroundings.

2 Professional Photographers

You will get a team of 2 professional photographers living very close to Amsterdam.
We know the city good and we can show you the nice places.
So for some moments that day we are also your guide.
As a team we always work together.
We have a lot of experience shooting outside with couples, families and more then 300 weddings.
Do you also want a professional shoot in the wonderful city of Amsterdam?

professional photographer Keukenhof

Phototeam: Siebe & Su

Spontaneous Photography

Just enjoy and relax! Our style of photography is unplanned and casual. We look for the best composition, backgrounds, surroundings and the light.

Nice memories & beautiful photos!

Back home you will receive the pictures. We will send you the high resolution photos by within 10 days. When you are on a long holiday we send the photos when you are back in your country. We can send even a usb-stick if you want (for extra cost).
Back home you will have wonderful memories of Amsterdam and great professional photos!

We know the scenic places!

There are several places where we can start and do the photoshoot. We can recommend you what wil be a good area. Learn more about the starting places.

professional photos Amsterdam

Hire a Professional Photographer is a Good Decision You can make!

It gives you guarantee for good & beautiful photos!

Professional photos

  • You pay on the day itself.
  • Photoshoot up to 2 hours!
  • 40 High resolution photos.

High Resolution

  • Within 3 days some photos on our facebook*.
  • Within 12 days all photos online*.
  • All photos are send to you by
  • Back home you can download all photos.
                               *only if you want.

Extra travel cost for Zaanse Schans: € 30,-.
Extra travel cost for Kinderdijk: € 55,-.

Take a look when we are available!

You can check online in our Agenda if we are available on your day of visit the Keukenhof. We photograph everyday on weekdays & weekend. A starting time is possible between 8:00 and 17:30 hrs. The Keukenhof closes everyday at 19:30 hrs. 

Photographer Amsterdam Holiday
professional photoshoot Amsterdam
Professional Photoshoot Amsterdam
professional photo session Amsterdam
photographer portrait tourists Amsterdam
photographer portrait tourists Amsterdam
photographer Amsterdam loveshoot pre-wedding

Spontaneous Photography

Just enjoy and relax! Our style of photography is unplanned and casual. We look for the best composition, backgrounds, surroundings and the light.


Photo session Amsterdam

We made the wise choice of contacting Siebe Baarda Photography during our visit to Keukenhof this Easter break. They were easy to reach and their website is very clear with the information. We had two kids and both Siebe and Su were caring, accommodating and made it as easy as possible to get good shots. They are true professionals with great skill and equipment and above all a very friendly personality which made it an absolute pleasure of an experience. What about those photos - well, my only feedback was they were as beautiful as the tulips at Keukenhof. Need one say more? We got much much more than we had hoped to and we are very happy with our decision. Thanks Siebe and Su!

Experience Tourists

Photoshoot April 2017, Written on our facebook

Tourists in the Keukenhof, flower garden open every year from end March until third week May.

Thnx guys.. you guys make an amazing duo.. really made it a memorable one for us.. we are so lost in the pictures that we are not sure which one is better.. it was a vacation shoot for us in our traditional colorful Indian attire amongst the vibrant tulip colors.. ur photography was cherry on the cake.. it was really fun getting clicked by you guys..keep up the good work!

Experience Tourists

Photoshoot April 2017

I am so very much thankful to you for the lovely photo shoot. You guys are amazing and so so passionate about your work.We had such a great day because of you two. I don’t have words to say how good the photos are…they are really really wonderful.

Experience Tourists

Photoshoot May 2017

Are you planning to visit Holland & Amsterdam?

We can make great pictures of you in Amsterdam while you are on holiday.

Phone: +31 252 675747 or +31 6 24217398

Skype: siebebaarda


Professional Photoshoot Amsterdam

Happy photos in the city!

Beautiful photos : loveshoot, pre-wedding, family, kids, bachelor party

For Tourists:

idea what to do Amsterdam

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Our Shoots

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