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Please do not enter the flower fields

please do not enter the flower fields

Signs for Tourists

In spring 2018 there are 500 big signs placed around the area of the Keukenhof.

Every year the flowers get broken by people walking in the fields.
Many flower fields have a fence, but still people are trying to go inside.
Flower growers(farmers) do not like that, because it’s their property and the flowers get broken.
Very important for the growers is the quality of the flower bulbs & flowers.
When walking through the fields, there is also a possibility to spread sickness around the flowers (not humans).
Most people are not aware of that.

woman flower fields Holland
woman flower fields Holland
flower fields Holland

Where are the dutch flower fields?

Not far away from the Keukenhof there are flower fields to see. It’s the Flower Bulb Region around Lisse, Voorhout, Noordwijk, Sassenheim, Hillegom. It’s possible to rent a bike at the Keukenhof and when you are lucky, you will see the flowers in bloom not far away from Keukenhof.
There are several places in Holland to see the flower fields. Learn more about those areas at Holland.com

When are the flower fields blooming?

It all depends on the weather. It’s not exact to say. Usually it starts with daffodils & hyacinths end of March, early April.
The period of the tulips is from half April to half May. However mostly it’s only about 2 weeks you will see beautiful tulips in the fields.
More information about the blooming period.

Guided tours through the tulip fields

When you want to learn more about a tour trough the tulip field, take a look at the website of De Tulperij.

Photos between the tulips

A photoshoot in the flower fields we do not do.
When you really want beautiful pictures among the tulips and other flowers, book a shoot with us!
We can guide you through the Keukenhof for the best area’s at that moment.

best time visit dutch flower fields
flower fields Netherlands visit

Photography in the Keukenhof

With the right angle we wil make professional photos of you & your family among the beautiful flowers in the Keukenhof.

photography in the Keukenhof

Team with 2 Professional Photographers.
Casual photo session between flowers with spontaneous moments!
A photo shoot is possible between 8:00 AM and 7:30 PM
See when we are AVAILABLE in our AGENDA.

flower fields Netherlands visit