See you at the Main Entrance

After entering the gate and you are inside the Keukenhof, turn immediately to the right.
Walk to the corner, where we are waiting for you.

On Time

Please come on the agreed time!
Some days we have several appointments & photo sessions.

Notice: When you go by your own car, sometimes you will be directed to the EXTRA Parking place & second entrance. (this is not the Main Entrance).
From this entrance walk straight inside the Keukenhof (pass the Willem Alexander Paviljon) to the Main entrance, where we are waiting for you (about 12 minutes walk).


When we have an appointment, we would appreciate if you are on time at the location to meet us. Thanks!
We are waiting for you.
It could be we have another photoshoot on the same day, after making pictures with you.

How to go to the Keukenhof?

You can go tot the Keukenhof by your own car or public transport. Learn more

If you are staying in Amsterdam, you can find also some more information here.

Easter Weekend

Every year many people will vist the Keukenhof on 1st Easter day, 2nd Easter day and also Friday & Saturday before Easter.
There will be traffic jams in a big area around the Keukenhof.
Come early!

EASTER 2020: Easter Days April 12 & 13


Every year there is a big flowerparade, which will pass the Keukenhof.
On that Saturday roads to the Keukenhof will close at a certain time (around 12:00 AM).
A photoshoot is only possible early morning!

FLOWERPARADE 2020: April 25