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Keukenhof Full Bloom

keukenhof full bloom
keukenhof full bloom

Many colorful tulips

Keukenhof Full Bloom. Great for photos & a fun photoshoot! A good time to see many tulips in the park is around half April until first week of May. Exact blooming time varies each year a bit. It depends on the weather.

Spring in Holland

Inside the park you will see many tulips. But remember the weather in Holland can be rather cool in March, April, May (7-12 °C). When you are lucky there will be sun and it could be like a summer day with 20 °C or more.

Photography in April

Most photos on this page are from April 23 2017. As you can see the tulips are full in bloom. Still moments are taken at opening time 8:00 hrs. After 10:00 hrs. the crowds are coming again. The Keukenhof closes every day 19:30 hrs.

Visiting late April

Late April is usually a good time to visit the Keukenhof. You will see the most flowers blooming & fresh. Although you will never know about the weather. For example last week April 2017 was very cool (around 10 °C) with sometimes rain.
But you can always take nice pictures, admire the wonderful decorations and enjoy with the many beautiful flowers.

tulip fields Netherlands

Tulip Fields Netherlands

Inside the Keukenhof you don’t see the very big tulip fields. For those fields you have to go outside around the Keukenhof. In the area close to the park there are some fields to find. In the park you can rent a bicycle to explore the area. Blooming time depends on the weather. Usually in April. Learn more about the best places to see tulip fields in Holland.

Team with 2 Professional Photographers.
Casual photo session between flowers with spontaneous moments!
A photo shoot is possible between 8:00 AM and 7:30 PM
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